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Friday, April 29, 2005

oni me n ben is goin.....

yichao said 05s6a rawks!
@ 10:37 AM

Thursday, April 28, 2005

haha... yx you sure it's an accident wor.
sian diao. cannot go class lunch tmr have to come home wait for a package from speedpost. so no life. anyways, have fun and remember to da bao something for me k? oo ya and who is going to eastern europe?

rina`ikemana said 05s6a rawks!
@ 10:47 PM

thursday, april 28. played dota. got owned. damn sian.
-sigh- very rusty...
lost my verification slip. even more sian.
-sigh- very forgetful...
ACCIDENTALLY walked into girl's toilet. chao sian!!!
-sigh- gonna be mocked for the rest of my life...
everyone knows me now.
the one and only

yx said 05s6a rawks!
@ 7:54 PM

yupz....i dun mind havin class meals.......but not lunches can?....coz.....tues n thurs i got clao.....n after clao on thurs i got appts....wed i got canoe.........fri i got sjab.......n mon we end late...........argh!!!!.......so how bout classs dinner on mon?.....or smthn like tt........

yichao said 05s6a rawks!
@ 5:48 PM

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hey all! Let's please please please please please please go for a class outing!!! KBox rox! or let's just go to Sentosa! or something! ANYTHING!!!

Melissa suggested we set every Friday as class dinner/lunch day! I AM FULLY FOR IT! I suggest, this Friday, we go eat in school! ... coz i got CCA mah. Hahahaha. Anyways, anything lah! I SUPPORT CLASS LUNCHES!

blessed said 05s6a rawks!
@ 12:35 PM

okies! six ayeeeeee!! can we have a class outing SOON?? and i wan go kbox!! pls pls pls pls pls....

kang said 05s6a rawks!
@ 12:23 PM

o did u ppl check de yahoo grps poll?......mus go n poll ok, tho i din create it.......yar.........
n then i was tinkin......do u ppl wanna do jts?......since seniors dun haf de initiative....i guess we'll hafta take de 1st step rite?......pls answer?...

yichao said 05s6a rawks!
@ 9:13 AM

Sunday, April 24, 2005

tigger and friends! hahaha.. okay larh.. it is still me here.. =P. Posted by Hello

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 8:30 PM

jack jack again. =) Posted by Hello

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 8:29 PM

jack jack so cute... hahaha. =) Posted by Hello

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 8:29 PM

my flounder!!!! haha.. i am still here... hahaha.. so cute rite my flounder.. dun be jealous. kang kang.. hope my flounder will cheer u up coz he is so cute!! Posted by Hello

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 8:26 PM

my jigsaw puzzle!!! =) btw, i am yue ting. hahaha Posted by Hello

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 8:24 PM

Thursday, April 21, 2005

ok tts gd.....a proper class blog skin is here not like yichao's crappy skins.....hehe.......but juz 2 let every1 noe....those skins i made were juz random picks from blogskin which i hadnt even looked @ yet..............................yar...............ok anywaez.....thnx 2 yingxia once again..........2dae i supa sianz....n i got lotsa hw wif projects 4 my ccas .........argh!!!!!!!!!! i think i gonna heckcare de hw 2 do my projects......any1 got a PI yet?......o yar ben.......dun yi jiao ta si chuan......heehee...my cheena very pro rite?.....haha....

yichao said 05s6a rawks!
@ 6:09 PM

heyaaaa all. i've changed the blogskin for our class blog but it's still very incomplete. hehs. im lazy la but i promise to have everything up by this weekend okaes. or perhaps yichao can do it too. CHEERS!:D

anyway, im at home now! but down with flu :( i miss all of you in school. had a greeeeat time with yueting kanglin char and patrick at coro turning the balls of toys out from the machines yesterday. we laughed till we couldnt take it la. hehehe. and we're going to go back sooooon! wheeee. perhaps we can get the whole class to go. it'll be fun:D

alrighteeey blog more tag more. i'll put up haloscan soon too, for comments purpose. and make this blog less plain. heh. we need pictures. OF OURSELVES! someone bring digicam some day can?

cya tmr. IT'S FRIDAEEEEEE woohooo.

yingx said 05s6a rawks!
@ 2:05 PM

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

today is such a nice day. why? ask those ppl who went to coro to play. yeaps. haha. so happy. lalala~. tml is such a nice day. no tests FINALLY larh. after 3 straight days of tests. haha. okie. i shall go sleep le. coz today is one of the rare days dat i can sleep early. yesh. hahhaha. bye bye. nitex. OH YARH.. JOIN TOUCH RUG LARH. u all yi ge liang ge pang seh me. touch rug run wadddd... hahaha... competition is coming up soon! eeps. hahaha. lalala~! my dopey and flounder. i want the tigger cup!! ying xia be nice and exchange with me larh. haha... =P. byeeeeee

yue ting

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:33 PM

-sighs- pple! i m bout to die from all the disgusting tests these few days! and its so unfair today! i wan my pooh cup! or tigger! or even piglet will do.. why charlie brown, lucy and fido dido.. -sulks- okies. i suppose only charlene, amanda, ying xia and yue ting will understand.. but nvm..

i should be doing trigo now.. or chem.. or just think bout wad to do for pi -rolls eyes- okies. i shall go tune in to p10 now and try to win some cash.. since i m freaking broke now. hahas. anw peeps. see you guys in class! and i m bringing poker cards to sch tmr! must play bridge w me!! :D

and go sign my gbk or visit my blog when you guys are free yeahs? pretence.blogspot

kang said 05s6a rawks!
@ 10:32 PM

the tests for the past 2 days absolutely sucked.. all the energy out lah. am finally online! wahahas. we should have a welfare rep soon. to console us when the tests get too difficult. hmmm... alrights lah. peace out ppl!

rina`ikemana said 05s6a rawks!
@ 9:17 PM

hi ppl...
realli busi lateli rite. heh...uberli tired frm all ze hmwk and stuff. hope u all doing fine too larhs.. ha. must persevere on !!! ha. i'm kinda like encouraging miself too. hmmm. alrites. gotta go eat dnr now. i know its a realli short post. dunno wad to write actualli. haa.

luv lene.

lene said 05s6a rawks!
@ 7:23 PM

what an interesting title. i bet everyone will read this post.
long and boring day today. played s-hole daideee @ fishtank. ahahha was s-hole for very long... then i won in bridge like a million times over yay!
darn i realised that someone stole the good pack of cards from the creativity poster. dammit. oh well, we still have the 51-card deck...without the queen of spades.

oh ya. please go download the pw thingy from the yahoogroups. if you haven't joined PLEASE DO! i forgot to print again. hahaha. SOMEONE REMIND ME TOMORROW PLEASE! = p

that's all for now

yx, out!

yx said 05s6a rawks!
@ 7:09 PM


yichao said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:57 AM

Friday, April 15, 2005

yo peeps~ cool man, finally a class blog! :D anw. who has a blog? -looks arnd- hmms. am kinda sleepy now. -yawns- so shall just end it here! may we cont to rock! and in future, should i fall aslp in chem lect or any lect for that matter.. WAKE ME UP PLEASE! thanx. :)

love, kang :)

kang said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:20 PM

hey s6a~ haha.. this rockS! well, this is a blog right? so i shall crap my feelings for the week. basically i was just very depressed cos of all the problems i had (this of cos includes schoolwork and many other commitments i have). but you know what? when i come to sch, i'm always greeted by the smiles of all of you.. and i know that God lifts me above all my fears and troubles! anyone felt the same way? haha. i'm here to encourage all of you cos i was midweek.. so keep smiling everyone, and know that everything will work out fine in the end! things happen for a reason, but all things work out for the good! Cheers! :) hope to write more soon... tag ppl!

Melissa said 05s6a rawks!
@ 8:19 PM

hiyya ppl!!
alrites..just decided to add on to Yi Chao's rather pathetic short post =Phaha. not that dis post is gonna be very long too larh.

hmm. happy that a class blog finally is up... =D i'm rather glad its fri. WHEW! finally a break frm all e busi-ness of e wk. SIGH OF RELIEVE..........JC life sucks cos of all e work and stuff... so many tutorials. =( will u still believe me if i tell u i really miss my sec sch life... haha. bud anyway. must keep dis blog going ok. add entry posts and stuff. and mabbe can put in a tag board too.. bud i dunno how to le. someone pls add a tagboard.hahah. i llurvve tag boards.hahaha=D

alrito...gonna sign off now! tata ppl! cya reall real real soon on Mon. God Bless!
luve lene. =)

lene said 05s6a rawks!
@ 5:40 PM

Thursday, April 14, 2005

welcome 2 de s6A class blog.....yar...

yichao said 05s6a rawks!
@ 8:11 PM


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