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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


means just propose, or just decide ROM date, or just decide to cohabit?

either way,

CONGRATULATIONS MS TAN! we're gg to have one more source of ang pao, heh heh.

rina`ikemana said 05s6a rawks!
@ 10:01 AM

QiaoKeLi says:
maybe renovating house
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
QiaoKeLi says:
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
den can i go ur hse to see?
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
QiaoKeLi says:
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
and if renovate hse
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
shld be go overseas wad
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
if not where u stay?
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
QiaoKeLi says:
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
QiaoKeLi says:
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
QiaoKeLi says:
see if it is done or not lor
QiaoKeLi says:
nxt year jan ba
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
QiaoKeLi says:
will lah will lah
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
QiaoKeLi says:
i will inform u
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
invite us to ur lunch and dinner hor! :):):)
QiaoKeLi says:
u help me gather ppl
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
of cos!
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:
ting; a dream is a wish your heart makes says:

hahahaha. ms tan is getting married soon [okay la, in jan 2008] so she'll be inviting us to her wedding. must go okay! and there you have it, an unexpected surprise from ms tan, my fellow xpy. hahaahah.

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 9:40 AM

Monday, February 26, 2007

its monday.

i think tt we will all see each other on fri rite? i hope its a happy day for all. kang!!!! go org class outing!!! dun try to hide coz ur bdae nearing horrrrrr.

anw, i got another dog!!!!!! =DD can go see my blog for doggie's cute pic =DD

Unknown said 05s6a rawks!
@ 10:00 PM

so when is the class gathering?

rina`ikemana said 05s6a rawks!
@ 12:13 AM

Sunday, February 18, 2007

HELLO EVERYONE!! hahaha. happy cny!! :) :) :) hope all of you get lots and lots of hong baos. i tihnk this cny kang'll be the happiest cos she can see her beloved cousin. haha. aniwae, hope that all of you will have a smooth sailing year. guys will be healthy and safe in the army and girls will be happy and cheerful in their workplace. haha. yup yup. and since it's cny holidays, MEET UP SO WE CAN GET TOGETHER AGAIN LEHS!! I MISS ALL OF YOU!!! let's have a class meet-up bball session during this short cny holidays and i hope that everyone (okay la, quite impossible, so i shall hope for the best) can come. hahaha. KANG GO ORGANISE LEHS!! once again, happy cny!! :)

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 3:52 PM

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hihi pple. I am super free now. For the day, that is. Both my snrs are on leave or sth, and I am currently reading Style and taking pictures of the extravagent items I swear I must own someday! One of my snr left me some stuff to do and I completed most of it alr except for the letter bit. Not sure what to include in it and I don't want to have to re-type and re-print it. I WILL NOT LET THE TREES DIE IN VAIN.. cos many of them alr did -stares at cardboard box full of waste paper in guilt-

OMG. I din realise. But it's time for lunch! Hahahs. A while more, I wanna eat fish soup today -smiles- Shall submit my timesheet ltr on. First time, I submitted it online and the hard copy so early lar. Hahahs. I clocked an average of 4.3 hours this two weeks. Super proud of myself.. the previous times I only clocked like 1.8 and 2 hours on the average lor. -faints-

And yes, outing! I suppose most of you are in favour of Sentosa?? NIght Safari is not really my cup of horlicks. I don't like animals that much and NIGHT leh.. Shouldn't we be slping or youtubing? Tsk tsk.

Enough of my ranting. Tata pple.

kang said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:37 AM

hey all.

wow all ur life sounds really fun la. while im juz stuck in camp all day long...juz came back on compassionate leave. so i cant join u all til after saturday afternn.i've til tuesdays night, which is same as most other NSFs. so hurry plan smthn!! :P

jeremin is workin at taka basement? wah...zixiao time lo...:P
and is rina back frm europe yet? im waiting for my package!! hehs.sry.package more impt than person. (for this time oni! :P )
i wldnt wanna go kajiao amanda la.if haf to go there tt means got smthn wrong le la.dowan..
whoa.kang sounds seriously over-worked.tk a break.get a new job? health more impt than money wad right?

i wld love to go back to hwachong too! lemme noe when u all r gg?

yichao said 05s6a rawks!
@ 3:56 AM

Thursday, February 15, 2007

HOHOHO! nopes nopes nopes. amanda's work liddat where got exciting? so scary la. i think i'll just freak out and scream and get sent to IMH la.haahhaahha. so amanda, JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU! :):):)

swee cheng's working at raffles place alr wad i tot? hahaahahha. and WAN JOU!! if buy ceiling board from me, den is sun bian buy everything from me alr wad and dun need nails and screws la i think. hhaha. is use spring clip and hanger rod de!! haahhhhah. u arhs, tsk tsk tsk. dun snatch my business lehs. haahhaha.

GO OUT LEHS. cny is coming, go back see ms tan!! ahahah. den sun bian get hongbaos from teachers. hoho. and we can play bball in sch too!! MEET UP LEHS!!!!!

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 12:23 PM

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

rina says AYE to a class outing! plan plan!

haha, looks like all the working slackers are the ones blogging. patrick's work is so exciting, somebody committed suicide by jumping off her building. oh and sweecheng is assembling timepieces or something. graveyard shift, then i think earn a lot ah.

we should go somewhere random. like night safari. haha :D or go sentosa play ball. cus sentosa entrance only 2 bucks mah. cannot spend too much money. hahaha but chinese new year is coming! that means extra income :)

and happy valentines' to all too!

oi PWC people. thursday night is still ladies night lah. no wait already. chiong ahhh.

rina`ikemana said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:35 PM


happy v day to all~~ <3

haha, so surprising the see the blog revived. since so many ppl hav been blogging, of coz i muz come n play play oso =DD plus my job is so slackie... haha. u guys noe how i spent my past 3 weeks? surfing net, blogging, blog hopping, eating snacks, kajiao-ing ppl, reading manga online, chatting, playing msn games etc... so i guess i hav alot og time to blog. haha. though i've got some work to do at hand now, i shall slowly do them coz once i finish them, i will hav nth to do. AGAIN. hahaha =) yueting!!!!!!! i wasnt online this morning at 8 plus 9 coz i was late for work. arrived at 9 plus when the work time is 8.30. bleah, no one notices anw. den i had network problems, keep getting dc-ed. yups. but i'm online now!! haha. ppl who see me on msn shd juz come talk to me n entertain me coz i will most probably hav nth to do. haha.

yerps kang!!! go plan an outing. yueting alrdy gave alot of suggestion n i support them all =DD zoo~~ sentosa's nice too!! haha, haven been thr for a long long long time alrdy. haven exercised too, so tummy is bulging out alrdy, sat too long in office snacking. bleah. n if ppl r gg to order ceiling boards from yueting, come get nails or steel from me!! haha, but my pa's factory is in msia, u will hav to pay for the transport fee urself. hahaha.

oh ya, i'm currently doing tax filing for employees of takashimaya. but its all japs. hahah. no jeremin =p

anyways, meet up soon everyone!! i miss u all~ =DD

Unknown said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:53 AM

HELLO EVERYBODY!! hahaah. it's v-day. and i am bored and tired. hoho. and slacking too. wan jou refuses to come online to talk to me and i dunno why cos usually at this time she's alr online. boo. wan jou wan jou, where are thou wan jou? haahhahahah.

KANG TREAT KUEH LAPIS!!! :):):) xie xie ni. hahaahah. eh. wad else u want? u wait until a while more den got windows to sell. haah. u want fibretape for ur walls? haahha. or joint compound? or runner or ceiling batten? hahaha. still got a lot a lot a lot but too bad u wun buy cos u dun need it wad. hahahh. btw, my daddy says that the ritz ballroom that we went to for prom, the ceiling boards were from the company and and and they're still good. hahaahhaah. and my daddy's company installed them too. :):):) and now we're currently doing changi airport t3, the upcoming marymount and bartley mrt stations. so if u go there next time, look at the ceiling and think of me!!! hoho.

yup yup. amanda is working at SGH. haha. she's receptionist, helping ppl w directions and stuff. hoho. oh and picks up phone calls too. so, go call her! but she might not be the one who answers it. haha.

AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. we got free bowling from the prom goodie bag. GO TO ZOO!! go bai nian at everyone's hse since cny is coming! hoho. :):):) PLAY BASKETBALL IN SCHOOL, or if it's raining, then CAPTAIN'S BALL AT OUR USUAL PLACE. hahaha. KANG!! faster go plan go plan.

okay. shall go do work alr. shant be so slack. everyone, happy v-day! and attention to kang:i hope you see your SWEET today and something good happens. hoho. DUN WHACK ME!!!bye bye!!!

somebody come visit me lehss

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 9:46 AM

RINA! Nonono! Don't get an auditor from PwC.. Anw, I doing taxes, different department.. And I have got enough work to do alr :( My eye sight is deteriorating cos I face the comp too much! To help me, just get me some eye drops! Or drop by my blog and tell me which item you wanna get me. Hahahas. I think my ability to spend has kinda become scary. I m spending more than I earn (which is not very much..) -.-

Anw, I wanted to eat kueh lapis that day lar.. But then so ex lor. One small slice one dollar lehh! Jeremin, you got staff discount not? Have then I buy. Hahahas. And Xpy.. My ceiling is perfectly fine. You got other stuff to recommend? Hahahas. And Papa is working at SGH!?! What does she do that? -looks at Papa suspiciously- And Rina, Orchard is a no-no place to go on those days lar. The crowd is crazy cans~! I have bad experience before -.-

And let's have class outing soon ok? Those in favour, raise your hand and say 'Aye'. Yar, like I can see. Hahahs. Just msg me - Tell me what activity you have in mind and more imptly when you are free. Then I try to plan sth while our CTrep is busy in army and in love. :P

And Happy Vday. Enjoy yourselves w your special halves. And if you don't have one yet.. Just enjoy yourself still. <3<3

kang said 05s6a rawks!
@ 12:35 AM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

HOHO! guess who i am!! hahaah. i want eat kueh lapis! WAN JOU TREAT ME!! haahhaah. i am bored. boo. haahha. come come come. buy from my office... CEILING BOARDS!! :) hahaah. but guess u all dun need since ur ceilings shld be in good condition if not =|. haahhah. okays!! back to work. RINA HELLO! haah.


amanda is working at SGH. go kajiao her!!
jia yin is working in between dhoby ghaut and somerset in an accountacy firm i think.
charlene is with her church dunno doing what also. haha.
yue ting is slacking her time away, same as wan jou. haha.

okays. back to work now. bye byes!

flounder- said 05s6a rawks!
@ 5:06 PM

Monday, February 12, 2007

haha this is quite interesting. last entry actually generated some tags.

anyway, let's just update ourselves on what's going on in the class.

no i don't really know what's going on with everyone so might as well let people say for themselves (if they ever do see this). like where you're working now, or if anyone has plans to go overseas to study. or if the guys are doing ogay in ns.

these are what i know, as of now.

to support yingxia's cause: buy a book from page one at vivocity
for kang, wanjou and wormie: get an auditor from PWC
for jeremin: buy new year goodies at taka basement (the kueh lapis actually looks quite good)
xiaopengyou: get something from her parents' company, which i'm not sure sells what
rina: just go down to orchard road on 23 24 feb and give me a reason to sneak away from work

may not work... but i tried la hor.

rina`ikemana said 05s6a rawks!
@ 4:15 PM


daAa 6-ayeEee family.
swee cheng;
yichao ;
yeow chin;
benjamin ;
yuan chyi;
kang lin;
zhui pei


patrick aka ama

06s6a - 0.5 our junior class
06s6e - other 0.5 our junior class

shout-outs! 

my friends +

all content ||| 05s6a, 2005. :)))