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Thursday, July 21, 2005


the class blog is dying.

but never mind that. block tests are back and it shows that we are subconciously a very unified class, considering how our physics grades are within the range of only 4 bands..

anyway. who wants studygroup? =] i think we can go kop a classroom and then mug together for like a few hours after school everyday or something. ya. that'd be nice.

yx said 05s6a rawks!
@ 7:12 PM

Monday, July 18, 2005

WAHS CHARLENE!!! trust u to erm.. put such a joke!! hahas.. eh, izzit hor, the X thingy is where the helicopter land??? izzit izzit? hahahas

hmm... pple todae a bit siao siao here and there la! hahahas maybe because nth to do... then hmm everyone started to become siao! okae... i dunno what am i typing. eh.. EH.

hahahas basketball was fun watching people play! i'm like a spectator walking around under the hot HOT SUN... hahahas. aniwae, everyone did a great job! hahahas the game was nice to watch! =Pp

oh man, i realli got no blog juice... hahahs.. so i shall end here!

jia yin~ said 05s6a rawks!
@ 10:24 PM

ppl!!!!! our class blog is really dying..or is it dead oredi? dun even know whether u all will even see this la... but still have ta update!!

anw... sch has been both a bore and some sort of an excitement. there has been this spastic 'family' creation thingy which has been quite silly and nonsensical...but quite funny. haa. quite childish too actually..it was all started by the childish manda. i guess u all shld know that she's childish by now...

haa. PE lessons are totally dreadful cos we all suck at volleyball... haa. so we end up playing bbal.. which is quite fun!! =P only too bad i'm too short and can't really shoot . sighs. wad to do....

hmmms. dun really noe wad to say le. i'm end here!! and i'm end off with a silly 'Your Mama' joke, u might not get it cos it is really quite lame, here goes:
1) Your mamma's so fat that when she wears a 'X-men' shirt the helicopter lands on her.
geddit geddit..haa. go find out more. there is a lot of this sort of stupid jokes online. haaaha... but dun tell that to ur mum la. quite mean.

hmms. tata ppl!!! have a niceee day! =)

lene said 05s6a rawks!
@ 7:29 PM

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

hahas!!! hmm... had a class outing ! 1/6 of the class was there! actualli to be precise, 1/4 of the class was there! lols.... me, wanjou, kaihui and rina went! hahas! we watched initial-D ... V Nice!!! OH MY GOD.. i wasn't planning to watch in the first place one coz i was so broke.. but hmm, went to watch in the end! wahs... the effects all v nice ! and edison is so oooo cute! okae.. i didn't noe he can be so gd looking. lols. aniwae.. saw charlene there! at the gle_ _ _ _ wadever cafe.. hahahas!! oh gosh.. so coincidental las. she was there with her friend.. and rite, as u all can guess.. she pangseh us for her friend! haha hmm.... then rite.. later outside engwah around there, saw yeowch and his mum! lols!!! SO QIAO. coz he called out our names. yups// we play at the arcade there for a while quite fun! hmm, then rina joined us later! hahahas. ALTHOUG,H i must stress although there are only 4 of us, it's still quite fun lahs. hahas no stoning... hmm.. unlike the usual thingy we do la! buts... all those "maybes going" pple hor, all didn't turn out in the end.. tsk tsk tsk ! how could u all?? hahahas

jia yin~ said 05s6a rawks!
@ 9:20 PM

Sorry haven't been blogging here... Cause busy with Block tests mah... Haiz... Don't mention it... It sucked.... Oh wellz.... Charlene got thrashed in minesweepers thrice in a row... By me!! Muahaha... So fun lor.... Initial D was nice... okies.. shall watch it with my owner and grandowner this sun

Oh yah... War of the Worlds was Cool too.... Except for the abrupt ending... as for the acting and the suspense within... Totally Rox lah!!

Oh wellz.... Have fun 6A... Ahhhh....Tmr have CLAO... Wish Chao, Yx and I luck kae? Don't diao us...God Bless to All....

Ben OUT...........

BenTheBear said 05s6a rawks!
@ 12:14 PM

Monday, July 04, 2005

hahas wah charlene... u fast learner lor.. trashed once or twice hmm.. will get back one! i mean bounce back! hahahas =P keep trying ! hahahas

jia yin~ said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:20 PM

hiya ppll! really quite bored at home. nuthing much to do... but still . its kinda fun to slack at home. haaa. i'm contradicting myself.

hmmm... yups. must enjoy these few days b4 sch starts agn...... and we get our results back. oh mans. dun wanna think bout it. hmmm..guess u all had fun last fri when u all went out. took neoprints rite?? i wanna see..... i wenta watch initial D wif my cedar frens. quite nice..but jay chou always has a sian-diao look on his face. he looks e same when he's sad and when he's happy...

oh wells. i think that's about wad i can think about to say now. take care ppl!!!! and oh ya..it has been fun talking online to some class ppl during e past few days....haa. and getting trashed at minesweepers. oh wellss...

lene said 05s6a rawks!
@ 9:49 PM

hey, i think there isn't any bbq on tue. i have asked melissa.. then she said hmm maybe bbq at the end the year. ahhas. so bbq is cancelled. awwwwww

jia yin~ said 05s6a rawks!
@ 3:58 PM

is there a bbq? on tuesday? really? i have no idea of the details. YEOWCH CONFIRM!!!

yx said 05s6a rawks!
@ 10:24 AM

Saturday, July 02, 2005

better watch out!!!
-wanjou- says:
coz i'll get more As than u
WANJOU IS CONFIDENT OF GETTING 6 As!!! waah! (coz i'm getting 5 =])

well. here's something:
if i don't get 5As. i'll have to do the most degrading thing in the world - get 4As! =]

wahaha. i think im going crazy

so here's something for the people who left me impression that i'd be getting to play tennis and beat some amateurs on friday: I DID! =] wahaha. played with my cooler friends. HAH. how's that. =] and i beat this student councillor at tennis. WHOA! IM A PRO! (and for the info. of people who frequent this blog not from our class - that means you paul - adrian is a tennis-NOOB-NOOB-NOOB! he lost 2 balls. now how does that sound. 2 balls. hahahahahaha! i'm so funny...haha. ha. darn lame. never mind.)

so let me recount my friday:
got an A for maths.
went to class bench hoping for tennis.
felt cheated. went off to play lan. (GUESS WHY!? grr... hehe.)
played lan. uncle didnt let us extend time.
ate with adrian. met diwei sheenmao and liqian
got back with zr and jake and went for some tennis.
lost brandon's balls. no not our exclassmate. the councillor one.
felt pretty bad for a while.
when jake's house.
played heroes 3. damn old game but still fun. hahaha.
went home and out again to cine this time. (yes the place where ten+ of u went...though i didn't see anyone...but it was about 9 anyway so...)
wahahahaha. i bet all of you are jealous now.
got home. wanted to play more dota but my sister took the laptop so couldn't LAN with my bro. DARN.

so that's about it.

now i'm sitting. thinking about how long this entry is.
it is long, isn't it?

yx said 05s6a rawks!
@ 4:30 PM

Friday, July 01, 2005

lol!!!!! BLOCK TEST FINALLY OVER! hurrrrrray! hahahas! been looking forward to it! feeel so freeeee now! hahas to those taking CLAO, which u 3 gd luck! hahas hmmmm...... arh... dun feel like going out on Tue.. but i shall see hahahs yay! got 5 days to rest, slack, hmm, watch TV, laze around, go online, ...... hahahas! oh and hor... class outing always v aimless one! hahahs we will stand at one prominent spot and start stoning... thinking where to go next! lolsss!! hahas, i think plan oso got no use? aniwaeeeeee everyone.. enjoy the 5 days! =) hahahs =Pp

-jia yin-

jia yin~ said 05s6a rawks!
@ 11:37 PM

heyx everyone!!! haha, no1's blogging, guess everyone was too busy mugging n trying to survive thru block test. well, block tests' over now!!!! congrats everyone, now we can finally relax n hav fun!!!! hehe, can dun feel guilty n play. can rest for a few days b4 thinking abt sch again :D *claps* haha, i'm being super high n lame, been feeling this way these few days. nvm, haha, main pt is, let's all play n slack n hav fun!!! forget abt block test (or results) n juz relax!! yay!!!

i see alot of exclamation marks, i'm going crazy frm being super high, haha :D yupx, for those who haven finish ur papers, jiayou!!! e end is nearing!! :P so who's free on tues? let's go out, any suggestions? haha, was thinking it seems like when we go out, we always seem to be rotting together. nxt time go out shall plan ahead, so wont be so aimless. reply to this msg k? hehe :D

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